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git-tidy is a set of git extensions for:

  1. Keeping your git logs tidy with ease. git tidy-commit guides users through a structured commit with a configurable schema. git tidy-squash squashes messy commits into one tidy commit.
  2. Linting a commit log. git tidy-lint verifies that commits match the schema. If a user uses git tidy-commit, commits will always validate.
  3. Rendering a commit log. git tidy-log can render commits from any range and can render structured commits from a configurable Jinja template. Want to automatically generate release notes? git tidy-log can be configured to group and render commits based on the schema.


See the Tutorial for a walk-through of how to use git-tidy for your use case.


git-tidy is compatible with Python 3.8 - 3.12.